Saturday, May 12, 2007

SLMS 2007 Luncheon with Tim Green

Tim Green has recently written a new YA book called Football Genius. He was a wonderful speaker and a great way to end the conference.

I went back and spoke to my principal about getting Tim while he is doing his book tour. I emailed Tim but am still waiting for him to get back with prices and dates.

Jane and I are hoping to split him between East & West.

Odds & Ends:

The Knickerbocker Award banquet was very nice. The sound system wasn't hooked up correctly or something making it very hard to hear the award recipients. Jerry Pickney was a great speaker and very charming. He didnt' stay for the dancing afterwards.

I danced from 9-12 (after I ran upstairs to lose my jacket and do the inhalers that I brought-though I forgot my rescue inhaler). It was a lot of fun though part way through I had to remember not to sing at the top of my voice since I had to present on Sat!

Thank you to all the great people I met and for those of you who attended my presentation! I am going to send my information into Bernie. I have also made it available on a wiki if anyone is interested! if you want to post a comment the password is library.

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