Thursday, May 17, 2007

There was a great article on the Association of College and Research Libraries blog today discussing the formula for academic success.

"Given what Law shared about his research results, there may be cause for optimism. It seems that students may be more savvy about using library research databases than we suspected. They also tend to depend on search engines less heavily for serious research than we may think, and more frequently as a complement to library databases. Yes, students may typically begin in a search engine, but that’s how they acquire background or introductory information. But they then seek out the library’s databases for more detailed information or scholarly content on their topic. "

Posted by StevenB on May 14th, 2007 under Libraries and Learning, Research Issues, Public Services.

There is an archived copy of the webcast available here if you are interested in listening to the presentation that verifies this theory.

I think that much of what was dealt with here has an impact on school libraries as well. We spend quite a bit of time on database instruction. I was gratifying to know that much of what they learned could have a basis in their school libraries.

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