Saturday, May 12, 2007

SLMS 2007 Web Feeds 101-Alice Yucht

If you ever get a chance to go to a workshop presented by Alice, take it! She is a great speaker-very down to earth, humourous and knowledgable. Her SLSM presentation was entitled:
"How blog reading can make you look brilliant"

She mentioned many blogs in her presentation including Shiny Shiny, Indexed and Lifehacker.

She stated that our role is "chief information officer". (Which I agree with!)

Some sites she mentioned:
AAA Fuel Cost Calculator
Jot-it (where you can leave yourself an electronic note)

Even a texting translator!

She proceeded to define what a blog is: "A website with entries in reverse chronological order with catagories."

There are 3 different kinds of blogs:
  • Personal/ point of view (covering events and impressions)
  • Practical/purposeful (new resources/links)
  • Philosophical/polemical (exploration/big ideas)

You can use blogs to further your professional development. They provide:

  • Instant information
  • Hot topic in the profession
  • Lifelong learners
  • Conversation/collaboration among professionals

She mentioned:

a wiki on Children's book series

Something that allows you to send messages back and forth called Twitter

California Dreamin' (Rob Darrow's blog)

An excellent resource on Fair Use: Tales from the Public Domain

Current Issues in Education

Periodic Table of Visualization

RSS on any page will allow you to subscribe to the blogs you are interested in. These subscriptions are put into a reader such as Yahoo! or Google Reader

RSS gathers in the information, puts it into a virtual file cabinet, and allows you to share the resources you have found.

RSS tutorials:

RSS in plain English

Other websites mentioned:

Flickr (World's largest location for photographs) (a social bookmarking site)

Ted talks (audiocasting of a design conference done by the top people in various fields)

Directory of open access journals


How to Save the World

Cancer Survivor's Handbook

America's favorite architecture

How to make things with a single sheet of paper

Library of Congress blog

She also said that you can set up webfeeds in Ebsco and Proquest to send updated information on subject searches. (I will need to check this out!)

Alice has a wiki and a blog for any who are interested!

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