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SLMS 2007 Opening session-Toni Buzzeo

The 2007 session of SLMS in NY opening speaker was Toni Buzzeo. Her construct was entitled "Collaborating from the Center of your School Universe: Beyond the Basics to Advocacy". She is very passionate about collaboration. She talked about how information is either causing the collapse of schools or accelerating the growth of learning. She commented that positive growth encourages expansion.

Toni defines collaboration as "The process by which we learn/design, team teach, & team evaluate." Students need to know, understand, and be able to "do" whatever learning task is set. She mention Information Power I which was published in 1988 and was the beginning of the concept of collaboration. Information Power II stated that collaborative energy powers the library media program.

To follow her universe construct, she mentioned that productive collision courses (running into a teacher in the hall) provide an exchange of ideas. (Like when stars collide, energy in produced.) Collaboration is a source of energy and that it provides a juncture of standards that meet with student needs.

5 studies that support collaboration:

1999 Alaska Study-higher test scores
2000 Colorado study-21% higher scores with collaboration
2000 Pennsylvania study-varied collection promotes information literacy
2001 Oregon study-highest reading scores twice as likely with collaboration
2003 Michigan study-with flexible scheduling, collaboration is 4 times as likely
2007 New York study-currently underway

(She did a great job refocusing the group and had total audience buy in)

Teachers each have individual strengths and differences you have to tap in on. Toni's 3 types of teachers:

Oh Yeahs! (the risk takers)
Yeah, buts... (watching to be convinced)
No Way (but if the principal sets a goal...)

(She used statistics from the Nations report card to great effect.)

Librarians need to use the weaknesses of their school found on their state testing data to open the door to collaboration. The key is student achievement. You can obtain your school's testing data from Data Mentor. (usually available through BOCES).

Identify unit of study
Use data
Identify skills
constructed response
LMS documents how data has been improved.

Students have to learn something 24 times to reach 80% competency.

(Toni mentioned the Marzano book Classroom Instruction that Works)

Toni's advice:

  1. On going partnership among teacher/librarian
  2. Skills taught must be useful and applicable
  3. teacher/librarian teams must monitor progress through skills
  4. teacher/librarian team must document student achievement

She also mentioned the flyer available for download through about Your school media program and NCLB that is provided for principals.

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