Saturday, May 12, 2007

SLMS 2007-Advocacy by Jane Fenn, Session 2

Okay-some of you may be asking yourselves-how could I have gone to both session 2 presentations? I left early after I copied down Jacquie's information (took the handouts) and heard it's all online, then snuck over to Jane Fenn's.

Great handouts were provided. She will be sending these in to be posted on the website that Bernie Tomasso said was being created to house them.

Ideas for Advocacy

Breakfast and bulbs

When the AV position was cut at Corning West High School, Jane invited her teachers to bring down their overhead projectors to clean them and teach them to change the bulb. They had breakfast, got a can of air and a new light bulb.

Go to high profile events (so the parents & students see you)
  • concerts, plays
  • sporting events
  • be a club advisor
  • go to school events and award programs

Call attention to the extra jobs you do

Write up professional/library events and send them to the district office to be included in the district/building/parent newsletters.

Ask yourself what you can volunteer for-be a part of the school community.

Write grants-even the ones for $100 that come from the Teacher Center

Write up an annual report to hand in at the end of the year. You can include:

  • Database usage statistics
  • Library usage statistics
  • Special programs
  • Collaborative projects
  • Professional accomplishments

Write for professional journals-not only for library ones but for ones the teachers/administrators subscribe to. She mentioned that we provide services for all and our reports/articles should reflect this.

There's a powerpoint on plagiarism on the state website.

Create a library brochure for your home teachers so they know what services the library has for them and their students.

Be the building expert on something-copyright, plagiarism, international books, etc.

Two books mentioned:

Building Influence in Your Library

Powertools Recharged

Jane also mentioned that Mansfield University offers a 1 credit online course for principals on School libraries.

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