Saturday, May 12, 2007

SLMS 2007-SOS for Information Literacy-Dr. Small, Session 5

I presented during Session 4.

SOS for Information literacy is a free K-16 multimedia database. It contains:
  • Lesson plans
  • Quick teaching ideas
  • Online lessons
  • Videos

It encourages collaboration.

S. Situation (grade level, curriculum area)

O. Outcome (information skills)

S. Strategies (teaching, motivation, techniques)

There is no Ask A service because you can contact the author of the lesson directly.

You don't have to sign in to use this but if you would like to save your lessons after you find them you have to create an account.

You can create teaching units by putting together different lesson and saving them to "your space."

Information literacy and the Information Power standards are included.

The next phase of this project will contain a new search engine created by Liz Liddy.

The Educators Spotlight Digest in part of this site.

There are tutorials as well as online help.

If you would like to submit a lesson to be included there are templates on the site. Each lesson is evaluated by two teachers.

Dr. Small is looking for volunteers to evaluate lessons, people to write lessons to be included in the database, people to write articles for Educator's Digest, and video submissions.

With the Builder feature, you can create Webquests. When you begin a webquest it automatically creates a URL so you can link to it.

If you have any questions, contact Dr. Small at Syracuse University.

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