Thursday, November 30, 2006

Second Life Tip Sheet

Business Week posted a Second Life tip sheet on November 27th. Here is what they suggested:

NOVEMBER 27, 2006

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Second Life Tip Sheet Steps to take and mistakes to avoid

1. Design your avatar. The first place to start -- even just to research firsthand what other corporations are doing -- is to sign up for a free Second Life account and create your avatar, or online alter-ego. If you want to buy property for your virtual store, you need to sign up for a $9.95-a-month premium account through PayPal (EBAY ).

2. Buy some land. Fees range from $5 for 512 square meters of a region to large islands priced at $5,000 for 262,144 square meters (about 64 acres) and $780 in monthly maintenance fees. Most real-world companies have been spending $1,250 for an island (about 16 acres).

3. Shop around for a developer. In Linden Lab's Developer Directory, you can find the right company to build your virtual office, get celebrities to perform at your launch event, and keep generating buzz with regular programs. Check out developers' Web-based portfolios and schedule an in-world tour of their past projects.

4. Define your brand experience. Some companies make the mistake of turning to virtual worlds for incremental revenue. Even though there is real money moving through Second Life, it does not yet produce a meaningful revenue stream for companies. Instead, focus on defining the core aspects of your brand and translating your products into virtual ones.

5. Understand the local culture. Take this as seriously as taking your company to a new country or continent. For example, do Second Life residents really wear and, more important, buy simple T-shirts and jeans? Many have flashy, costume-like clothes. Consider what styles and types of products would appeal in Second Life.

6. Define your virtual strategy. Launch your presence with a high-profile event and consider cross-promoting with other companies. Sony BMG launched in Second Life with a Ben Folds Five concert in the Aloft virtual hotel developed by Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide (HOT ). Also consider incentives. American Apparel offers a 15% discount to Second Life residents who visit online and later shop in a physical boutique.

7. Measure real-world results at regular intervals. Think of Second Life as a complement to, not a replacement for, a standard Web site or real-world presence. Even though only about 40 avatars attended a press conference with Mark Warner, former tech entrepreneur and Democratic Governor of Virginia, it was covered more widely by bloggers and the mainstream media than just another flesh-and-blood town hall meeting.

8. Troubleshoot tech and design issues. More than 60 to 90 visitors to a virtual event cause the server to slow down. The American Cancer Society had to turn away potential donors. Next year, it plans to host events in multiple locations to accommodate more Second Life residents. And boxy, modern buildings and objects tend to work best in Second Life (think of Telus' cube-like store or Toyota's Scion). Avoid more ornate designs.

9. Keep an eye on other Web worlds. While Second Life is getting popular, it could be even more innovative to explore alternative marketing platforms. Active Worlds' offers stand-alone immersive corporate worlds, which clients like Wells Fargo opted for instead of Second Life. helped MTV (VIA ) develop an independent virtual Laguna Beach. Habbo, an off-shoot of the pioneering virtual meeting place Habbo Hotel, is an online universe for teens. Cyworld is a growing Korean site that marries MySpace to Second Life."

Great advice!

I don't know how school libraries will fit into this profit model. If anyone has any ideas on it, please feel free to comment!

Welcome to Cybrary City; Setting Up Library Areas

A new blog at has recently posted this announcement about how to set up a library in Cybrary City on Second Life:

"The mayor of Cybrary City, Paul Miller of Talis, will officially welcome Cybrary City residents and other interested librarians on Wed, December 6 at 2:30 pm sl time, 4:30 central, and 5:30 Eastern to welcome everyone. The welcome will be held on the plaza in front of the new conference center. After the welcome, we will briefly discuss guidelines for your areas and divide you into groups who will work with BlueWings Hayek and Eiseldora on how to do things to set up your places the way you would like. I know there is no time that is good for everyone. We will schedule another time soon after that if you cannot make this one. I know many have questions about guidelines and how to set up so I wanted to go ahead and get this scheduled. "

So if you are interested in setting up a library, please log in on Dec 6th.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Australian Libraries join Second Life

"I’m gobsmacked! I just popped into Cybrary City in Second Life for a visit before bed, and have come out with a building for all Australian Libraries to share. Ooops.

Cybrary City is an island sponsered by Talis and administered by the Alliance Library System. It provides free buildings for libraries for a year, in return for a couple of hours staffing per week. It was created last week, and I was checking out the island because I’d blogged about how great I think the initiative is." To read the rest of this post click here.

Are any other libraries thinking of joining Cybrary City?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

The World's Fastest Librarian

The World’s Fastest Librarian is a twelve minute short film following Mary, a fictional public librarian at the Madison Public Library (as played by the UW SLIS Lab Library) as she prepares for the World’s Fastest Librarian Competition.

The World’s Fastest Librarian is a humorous tongue in cheek film that shows a different image of librarians than that usually found in films.
This film was a collaborative project involving over a dozen library school students.

It was a labor of love and is meant as a tribute to librarians everywhere.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Create you own online library

If you have your own library in your house, this is the site for you! LibraryThing

This website allows you to enter/catalog the books you are reading. It links you up with other people who have the same interests. You can join a group, blog, discuss a book, or just arrange your books on a virtual bookshelf.

The first 200 books you enter are free. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 28, 2006


Ok-I admit, I am as IM crazy as anyone. I have accounts with AOL, Yahoo! & MSN. I found a cool site Meebo . At this site you can log into all the other chat sites you use and it lists them down the right hand column. You only need to log into Meebo and set your profile to log in your accounts automatically. I also created the widget that is on this page. I named him Rex after Stephanie Plum's hamster in Janet Evanovich's books about the New Jersey bounty hunter. Please feel free to IM me if I am on.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Teen Second Life snags a library

For those of you who haven't heard of Teen Second Life here's a blurb that describes it quite well:

"Teen Second Life is a 3-D, international gathering place on the Internet where teens 13-17 can make friends, play, learn and create. Teens create a digital version of themselves, called an avatar, that they use to travel around the "virtual world," meet new people and participate in a variety of activities."

This was an announcement from Oct 6th:

Charlotte, NC - Oct. 6, 2006 -The Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County (PLCMC) and the Alliance Library System are pleased to announce a partnership to collaborate on the "Eye4You Alliance," an island in Teen Second Life that will offer virtual library services to teens.

If any of you attended the 2006 SLMS conference in Rochester, NY you heard Chris Harris (aka Infomancy) discuss the possibilities of Second Life. It is nice to see a library becoming involved. There is a library in Second Life but it isn't "officially" sponsored by a "real" library.

Second Life link

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


If you ever get a chance to take a workshop on Blogs, Podcasts, or Wikis-do it! Our local GST Boces is offering classes on these topics. Here are some notes:


You can create new pages
You can edit other people's pages, unless someone else is editing
Not all wikis have to be logged into, not all are free. If you want a closed wiki, you have to pay.
Wikis allow you to edit (and others).
What I Know Is....(wiki)
Collaborative space
Good place for peer editing
You information can be changed by others....

England Wiki site:

Free Wiki sites:

Cross between radio and blogging
should be scripted before broadcasting
Takes advantage of RSS

Online journal/diary
You can comment on a blog but alter a wiki

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Article on the use of iPods in education

If you are interested in what different universities are doing with ipods, check out the article in this month's issue of Multimedia & Internet @ Schools entitled "The Proof is in the Podding" by Stephen Abram. His email is

The article discusses Duke Universities purchase of an Ipod for every student and the applications they used for them. What a great boost to education!

There is also a great list of resources at the end of the article including:

Chris Harris's blog Infomancy

Duke University iPod First-Year Experience: Final Evaluation Report

Monday, April 03, 2006

Great website

If you are working with teens and are interested in what's new for teens-this is the website for you. It is a blog done by two teen librarians

Great information & updated often!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Building your own tools

I have been altering MyYahoo! page to be easier to use. I am setting up RSS feeds from the websites I tend to visit such as CNN entertainment-Books & the NY Times book section. It is very easy to set up. If you have a lot of websites you visit daily, you might want to see if they offer RSS feeds and set up your own page.

Friday, January 20, 2006

The library

We only have one more day before midterms begin. I have been trying to get the magazine order straightened out and the rest of the books cataloged in. I taught database researching this week to another class of seniors. I have to say I love if you have never used this site, it shows you how to cite resources in MLA and APA format.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

New Year 2006

Thank goodness for the new year!

I plan to copresent at the SLMS conference in Rochester, NY in April, rejoin all the professional organizations I belong to, and continue to write reviews for the School Library Journal-I even sent them an article. I hope the new year finds you well! Don't forget to make professional New Year's resolutions!
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