Friday, October 05, 2007

Back in the Saddle

After a long break for summer vacation, I am blogging again. I have been doing my personal blogging at OpenDiary but have been neglecting my professional blogging. I have sent in my proposal to SLMS-I am going to do Books for Boys.

I love technology. Most of the blogs I subscribe to are technology based. When I present though I am leaning more toward literature. I want my students and staff using the latest tech to promote learning but I still worry about student literacy-especially with the amount of reading on they web. I try to promote literacy of all types. Since my teachers listen and watch all my techno plans..and the emails I send from workshops and conferences I attend...I feel that I need to research and promote books for my students. If I agree to present on a literature based subject, I have to read up on it and find what people are talking about.

I am getting ready to present at the Books Abound! conference in Binghamton November 15th. I chose to facilitate the discussion on Speak and Inexcusable. I will provide my teen issues booklist (which needs to be added to) and hope that the people in my group are loquacious.

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