Tuesday, April 24, 2007

New and upcoming

The newest site I've found this week is http://teacherlibrarian.ning.com If you have wondered about what kids addiction is with social networking sites-this is for you! This site is dedicated to Teacher Librarians-you can invite a friend, post images or videos-the site is great. This one was started by Joyce Valenza.

Another one is Chris Harris's Library 2.0 http://library20.ning.com/ If you join both it links them together. Chris's network is for librarians interested in what a library can offer to it's patrons that involved today's technology.

They are both great websites. You can browse or lurk for free. If you wonder what the buzz is, check them out!

I am still getting ready for SLMS 2007. I am very bummed that my program is opposite Chris's since I like to attend his presentations. Maybe I can talk him into podcasting or posting a video at YouTube!

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